Prices of coastal flats in Spain will fall by up to 15%
2021-06-06 - Back to overview

Prices of coastal flats in Spain will fall by up to 15%

MADRID - At the moment, after the corona crisis and in the post-corona period when foreigners can again travel to Spain and when Spanish residents can also travel throughout the country, there are not yet many changes in the housing sector. But experts report that this will change in the near future with flats along the coast in particular dropping in price.


The estate agency sector is reporting that there is some movement in the housing market, especially along the popular Spanish coast. However, the crisis that has started or will start and the lack of foreign buyers means that prices will drop in the near future.

We are talking mainly about flats in the popular coastal towns on the Mediterranean coast where prices are expected to drop between 10% and 15% this year. At the moment, prices are still the same, but it is expected that falling demand will lead to cheaper prices.

In the month of April this year, according to the Spanish Statistical Office (INE), house sales decreased by 40% on average in Spain, the highest drop in 11 years, according to the INE.